Immanent to the ordinary situations we live in crowds a multiplicity of unstable singularities that unceasingly agitate specific states of affairs from within. But the marks of chaos and the sins of darkness are what we balk at, repress, jettison and separate from ourselves. For insomuch as every normal state of affairs is inhabited by a clamor of tremors, our sanctimonious triumph of order, master and control is unsettled.

If the practice of philosophy is defined by working against received opinions, then nothing can be more urgent than to resist the consensus that is only all too happy to expel that which is synonymous with disorder and anarchy. Accordingly, this virtual dialogue is committed to giving account of that which does not always fit together; the untimely mutations, the agents of unrest, the events that interrupt the normal flows of life. To state it in yet another way, we are interested in the very elements that interfere with routine formations.

All of this is to say that the structure of a situation must be thought of from within. On balance, this blog is oriented towards thinking in interiority and, as such, regards the cunning, blasphemous and sordid underside of official culture as a revolutionary position. The contemporary political scene is occupied by a swarm of unrefined micro-revolutions. It are these minorities we want to do business with.


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